User experience is about to be revolutionized by AI. What will our user interfaces be like 10 years (or even months) from now? The best way to predict the future is to BUILD it!
This hackathon is about building projects that reimagine user experiences with generative AI. Soon we'll look at today's UX/UI the same way we look at dial-up internet. The future is here. This hackathon will be about building, shipping, and sharing our vision of the future of UX/AI with the world. We’ll have amazing food, awesome prizes, and ⚡️industrial-grade Wi-Fi ⚡️ (finally!)
Discord: (join the #ux-hackathon channel for latest updates )
12:00 Welcome to AGI House
12:05 Keynotes (Moderator: Michele Catasta, VP of AI @ Replit) → Rich Miner, founder of Android and Google Ventures → Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel → Julie Zhuo, fmr VP of Design at Meta → Josh Payne, CEO of Coframe
12:45 Project proposals from hackers
1:00 Hacking Begins!
1:30 Lunch is Served
4:00 Project Check-In
6:00 Dinner is Served
8:00 Demos
* Credit prize co-sponsor: Vercel, Runpod, TBD...

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$3,000 in prizes

Vercel Credits - First Prize

First prize

RunPod GPU Credits - First Prize

First prize

Vercel Credits - Second Prize

RunPod GPU Credits - Second Prize

Vercel Credits - Third Prize

RunPod GPU Credits - Third Prize

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jon Chu

Jon Chu
Partner, Khosla Ventures

Dave Fontenot

Dave Fontenot
Founder & GP, HF0

Dina Yerlan

Dina Yerlan
Head of Data, Adobe Firefly

Kazuki Nakayashiki

Kazuki Nakayashiki
Founder, Glasp

Xin Zhou

Xin Zhou
Director, Baidu

Judging Criteria

  • Is this relevant to user experiences / user interfaces?
  • Is this something that wasn't possible prior to generative AI?
  • How novel and innovative is this?
  • What's the level of possible impact or usefulness this idea has?
  • Could this idea be a viable business?

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